Monday, 13 July 2020

Monthly Vow 13th Of July To The 12th Of August

The pre 9th edition yearly target is finished! Yay! And after checking last month's post I've also achieved the monthly vow. Next month is still up in the air, there is going to be more AoS this time, I got the led kit ordered at the weekend so can move forward with that one now. Still unsure on quantity of Indomitus boxes I'm getting so any that do arrive will be saved for August to September.
Review Time
First thing from last month was the Gouf Custom from Gundam, it was a nice mini to build and something of a change from GW minis.
The Lords of Old Troupe got a bit of an upgrade from basic Harlequin Troupes to stage projections of the Phoenix Lords, I also threw in on of the my favourite conversions the Warp Spider Exarch, this time using the new plastic Drazhar as the base mini, I know I say it a lot but I really do like this, I've done 3 already, so it's not new, but I think this is brilliant, I just need to finish a couple of things on it, but I'm not in any rush to get that done.
Hur, only one photo of the attack bike. While I like the old marine bike, the attack bike was just shite, an out of date concept even before the release however many years ago that was. I'm still not a fan of them, and this one finishes off the pre 9th edition yearly target.
Oh this one, aside from the Primaris Apothecary this is the first worst mini I have worked with from GW, nothing about it made me like it, I'm glad it's done. There is a second one on sprue that I still intend to do, just not yet.
Much more fun was had with the captain Lazarus extras, which helped get me back into the flow.
I sorted the yearly Vow pre 9th edition target out with the numbers, 10 Intercessors, 10 Hellblasters and 6 Inceptors.
The 6 Inceptors, with both weapon options.
The Hellblaster squad is done, handily I got a few extra heads to use from a mates unused Eliminator box one of which went on the Hellblaster combat squad leader, the Sgt got the infiltrater arm and a held plasma gun.
The 4th Intercessor Squad was just finished today, yearly Vow achieved, will be getting a group shot of the, currently completed 5th Company later, to go with the Scouts and the first born 3rd Company. I also got 3 first born marines done, that takes the 3rd company back up to strength, but failed to get a photo of those, outside of in the case trays, which you'll see later today when I do my 3rd post.

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