Sunday, 13 September 2020

Yearly Vow Is Close

 The Yearly Vow might also be getting a bit wibbly wobbly as well with some stretch goals potentially being added; depending on cost, squad size and desire I need 1 box of Blade Guard Veterans and maybe up to 2 Eradicator boxes, but I feel comfortable bouncing the Eradicators into next year, which will also include the Dark Angels Codex and beyond that plans are nebulous as it involves bikes, the Mario cart and Primaris land speeders in the Ravenwing and numbers in squads.

Before I get to Friday and Saturday night's work in progress, an update, Thursday night at work something happened that means the hours I work are going to change a bit and the wage might be dropping as I work fewer hours.

Okay Friday and Saturday night's work in progress, Friday night I got the last 10 Assault Intercessors painted

I took the squad home and left the Sgt as I hadn't done the plasma pistol and glow, which I got out of the way first thing tonight. 

When that little bit out of the way I made a start on the Eradicators and the Blade Guard Veterans that I'd brought in with me tonight, getting black and brown pouches done on the Veterans and moving forward with the dual load Eradicators.

 The rotar cannons do look okay on these guys.

And the melta versions. Just the base hole plugs to do on these. 

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