Monday, 8 March 2021

Progress On Halbrecht

 I spent the other week working on the High Marshal Halbrecht conversion, getting the melta on the gun and the sword.

I've swopped the orginal sword for one I found in the bits box to get a less wonky looking blade. There's the knee pad still to do and the census to find again with me checking on the colours that this guy is painted.

On Friday I got my order from Harlequins Preston with kill team, another Phobos Librarian and the Lieutenant in Phobos armour, Saturday I put an order in at GW for Ezikael and Beliel so I can finish this conversion and start the Primaris Beliel conversion.

I found the arm buried deeply in the bits box. 

I do have a wedge of cash I stuffed in the bank today to cover the new book by Steven Hall, writer of the Raw Shark Texts, Maxwells Demons, the 2 minis mentioned above, I'm torn on getting the Dark Angels leviathan Dreadnought, the one type of dread I don't actually own yet or wait for the Gladius Custodian dread to come back in stock and do that as a Beliel Dreadnought. 

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