Thursday, 5 February 2015

Knights Of Blood Death Company Dreadnought, Possible Trolling Space Wolves

This was a fun build, I ended up using a mix of bits from a standard Dreadnought and the Space Wolf kit, notably the right arm and claws from Murder Fang, I think that the Murder Fang kit has a slighy bigger body than the standard dread kit, as the Death Company front piece is slightly smaller in some areas and of course the legs are different. This one has been painted up for my Knights Of Blood project, I made a mistake with this when I started to paint it with the feet forgetting the fact that they should be black/silver. I re-painted them black and dry brushed them with Lead Bleacher. For the upper parts I gave it a coat of Khorne Red then a wash of Nuln Oil before giving it 2 coats of dry brushed Evil Sunz Scarlett. The claws where painted black and dry brushed with Lead Bleacher. The cross was painted black to denote Death Company, a theme I'll keep accross the Knights. The wings and skull had a coat of Ushabati Bone followed by a Nuln Oil wash and then a dry brush with Screaming Skull. At the end of the project the claws are left loose, held on with blu tac for transport.

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