Monday, 5 September 2016

Furioso Librarian Dreadnought 2nd Time Round

I bought this to replace the one I bumped to be the The Herald Of The First Legion, The Wall Of Berlyn, The One Winged Angel, as I robbed the Dread from the Knights of Blood project

As it came, I had to break it apart as the arms had been glued and this was filed down to get a better fit for the cross beam.

As it had already been primed I went ahead and based coated it with the dark red and gave it a wash of nuln oil.

I tried to get an eagle look to the "wings" on the side plates and as the majority of the model is red I wanted the wax seals to be a different colour as well.

Roughed up with blu tac

And glued the body in place the arms rotate as dreadnought arms should and has the sovnya long arm as well as the Forge World dreadnought ccw claw.

And a bit I might do more of at the end of a post with prism

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