Saturday, 10 September 2016

Monthly Vow 12th Of September To The 12th Of October

Woops I completely missed the basing mission I should have been... So that gets bumped to this month, I'm also looking at one "new" dread, the 2nd ed metal Caseterferrum with Assault Cannon to finish both the Dreadnought 30K army and my GW Dreadnought collection, all that's left are the finecast version of Bjórn, the FW Eddy and Livvi and any other new ones that get made. I need paints as well. So beyond those 2 I may pick up another of the Venerable metal Caseterferrum dreads for the Knights of Blood and give it a more tribal paint job for the Codex side of the army, so the flyers and the Baal Predator will get some tribal stuff as well and I may get some more of the marines for this army done. I also plan to buy Hardcore Henry and Captain America Civil War to watch and cats to sort out.
So review time.

I pulled one of the Death Company dreads out and painted it up for the World Eaters for the Dreadnought Army

I got the Deathwatch dread, without the upgrade sprue, and I painted it for the Blood Angel Legion.

To finish that Talon I put the Bjórn in with them.

The medic arrived and got painted.

The objective markers and the officers got shiny new 32mm bases.

I reassigned this for the Dreadnought Army, it's now an an Imperial Fist Legion Dreadnought and I swopped out the multi melta for a Las Cannon.

And put the multi melta on the Ironclad that I'd painted up for the Iron Warriors Legion.

I got this cheap so replaced the Librarian dreadnought.

Before getting the Land Speeder Storm painted up for the Knights of Blood.

Squeezed a scout in as well last night for The Lion's Blades to replace a missing sniper.

And finishing off the Vorax.

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