Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Knights of Blood

Resetting the base line, basically after taking 2 Dreadnoughts out of this army for the 30k one.


Mk1 Baal Predator on a mk2 chassis.

The heavy weapon squads. The heavy Bolters are in camo as I orginally had this squad in the Glorious 1000 and was planning to use the Ravenguard Chapter tactic with them, hence camo.


The Command squad

The remnants of The Glorious 1000 that stayed with The Knights of Blood to repay the honour debt after the Knights of Blood refitted the last remaining Destroyer of The Glorious 1000 so they could return to Terra and petition to re-build the Chapter.

All of the Dreads in the army.

And the flyer Formation.

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