Thursday, 3 November 2016

1000 th Post!

Next year a group of us will be going down to Warhammer World in January for a game.
This time around I'm fixing to take a 30k Dreadnought Army, in total 14 models...
Well on the plus side when I'm tabled nice and early I can get round the display halls and spend some time looking for the assassin.
As this is made from the DA army any bone coloured dread is a veteran of the Unity Wars, any dread with an assault cannon actually has a twin linked auto cannon.

Contemptor Talon Lords of the Legion,
Lord Flash Heart and Lord Blackadder

Casterferrum Talon Soul Of The Legion,
Warden In White, The First Chaplian and The Herald Of The First, this guy has a twin linked las cannon, not the Frost Cannon.

Casterferrum Talon Yūeri,
Thunderchild, Timberwolf and Boarder Reavor.

Casterferrum Scholia Talon,
Silver Dart, Gunnar of the VI Legion and Wall Breaker of The Iron Warriors Legion, currently have a chain fist but may swop this out for the Ironclad seige drill.

The Primus Medicare Consul and the Legion Forge Lord Consul .

Just not sure which of my these fine fellows to take as my Legion Preator.

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