Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Storm Lord, First Commander of the Legions Reconnaissance Wing

This was fun to do, annoying to wait for tea bits but good fun to make and paint.

I started off with a Bolt Action WWI Renault tank, in the above photo you can see the very big difference between true scale 28mm and heroic 28mm tanks. It's an extremely detailed kit but the actual track fittings are a bit fine.

This was the point I realised it need to look wider at the bottom. I ordered some 5mmx3mm magnets to add some space.

I also added a 5mmx1mm magnet in the recess and cut the lug off under the turret and fitted a second 5mmx1mm there.

Once the 5x3's arrived, on the same day as the Contemptor, which gave me the assault cannon I was after, before I put the cannon together I cut the cannon off and fitted a 5mmx1mm magnet in the recess and one on the cannon itself and some green stuff to fill that joint out, you wouldn't notice without getting hold of the arm itself.
On the tracks I cut of the lugs on the back of the tracks and fitted a magnet there and trimmed bits off the tank to fit the magnets snuggly to the hull.

This was the second time of fitting, the first time the left side track was off slightly so I had to do it again.

At this point it was early morning and my eyes were tired so I left painting until after I got some sleep.

The finished version.

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