Thursday, 17 November 2016

Predators For The Knights of Blood

I got the 2 Predators out the other day and started painting up the twin linked las cannon one as I was moving that one over to the Knights of Blood from The Lion's Blades.

I gave some panels and the turret a base of Wazdakka red.

Then went over that with a dry brush of Evil Sunz Scarlet.

I was trying to find a mythical animal that breathed fire and could only really think of dragons, so a little research and I decided to go with a blue dragon for the las cannon pred as that breathes lightning, and a bronze dragon for the Baal Predator as that breathes fire, for the autocannon version I think I'll go with either green or black as it will stand out from the red.

I also researched the various cavalry roles, if I get any more Baal Predators they will go with a Destrier title, any more las cannons will be lancers and autocannons will be hussars. The Codex anti air tanks, if I get them, will be Dragoons.
So the twin linked las cannon Predator is currently called Angel's Lance and the Baal Predator is now Blazing Destrier.

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