Saturday, 18 November 2017

Replacement For Timberwolf

I built this around actually working tonight, realised I'd left some Björn bits on the sprue and left the Frost Cannon at home so wasn't able to get started on the conversation of that I wanted to get done tonight, I also left the pivoting gear elbow at home as well so had to leave the housing unglued.

I did pack the big plasma cannon, and cut it in the narrow part where it's only held on by 2 parts. I glued the ribbed section together then set about tiding up the snipped bits to fit a couple of magnets in.
I'm bringing the box with the Redemptor Dreadnought in with me tonight so I can finish this off and sort out what bits are what and hope to get some paint on Timberwolf as well.


Carl Finch said...

Looks good dude, that's a really clever and tidy bit of converting :)

Paul Harris said...