Sunday, 19 November 2017

The Enorm Björn

Picked up the led kit this morning, but was too tired and hungry to trudge through town looking for a battery, looking like Tuesday for that.

Not happy that the side plates have been swopped around and if I hadn't glued the arm mounts in place I'd be taking the swivel mounts off and fitting the Björn plates on the right sides, as it is I have 2 choices, mount them over the side or mount them the wrong way round.

I messed around a bit more and tried the claws and got the plastic mock fur effect shoulder cover to fit over the Redemptor paldron with no effort whatsoever.

I've left the sarcophagus cover loose as well as the top plate so I can mount the LED's inside and leaving the rocket pod off just in case I can't fit them in there.

I'm planning on sticking the LED's behind the skull to light up the interior but need to buy a 3.5cm battery but have a package coming from Amazon today so will struggle to get that today.

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