Thursday, 8 March 2018

Early End To The Month

With the changes to my plan this month I'm freeing up my memory space a bit early, yes I'm a squad short of reaching my vow but I can't finish my plan as I've changed it and couldn't get to the shop to buy the paint I need.
So the plan for next month is to get to Wigan on Wednesday for the XV -88 paint to finish the squad , and also do the Harlequins Land Raider, possibly buying the diamond template for painting it . I'm also looking at picking up some Land Speeders, at least one for a Talon Master.
On to my review of last months work. First up was the squad of mk4 marines that I painted up trying to match the captain I'd done last month, and then the squad of Hellblasters. Next up was the squad of Intercessors for the Mentors Chapter, again for the the Ordo Astartes strike force.
Then there was the 2 squad of  Inceptors, just short a few shoulder pads but I am using all the weapons from the box so that's understandable. There was also the one for the Hounds with the full face plate. I wouldn't mind a 3rd full one in the box if I was doing another squad.
And alongside everything else I fitted in several bikes to bring my 3 2nd Company squadrons up to strength.
So 7 days before I start on my next month, let's get some reading done, I've been putting Preatorian Of Dorn off since before I got Ruinstorm so I'll try and finish that off along with Use Of Weapons by Iain M Banks.

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