Friday, 2 March 2018

The First Inceptors Squad

Started by building the 3 of these tonight. On the whole do like them, those covers on the bolters are very fiddly but it is a nice kit to put tog, just wish you could get the to stand properly.
When I started to paint them I did one to replace one from the Hounds and the other 2 black to match the first one I did the other day. As these are also planned to be used for the both their chapters and in a full 6 man squad in the Ordo Astartes strike force, I've added the full face shield to the 2 that I'm going to use as Sgts.
I also finished the last bike I bought to get each squadron up to 10 marines, 8 bikes and an attack bike.

Friday Night
Got the 3 Inceptors painted. I did one for The Hounds to replace one I'd already painted for The Lion's Blades and the others all have both sets of gun. Seeing as I'd shipped the flight stands to Spain, I'm trying to give them an action stances. I scrapped the idea of using the easy build pox walkers and went for landing in the Martian dust as I wasn't able to get a stance I was going to be happy with.

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