Thursday, 1 March 2018

Weather Report

Sorry the links don't work. The AoS Open Weekend is being decided on Friday lunch time GMT.
If you're unable to get to Nottingham because of the weather, get in touch with Games Workshop Warhammer World page and talk to them regarding a refund.

And those heretics get everywhere. 

Worried if Warhammer World will be open with the snow? Check our updates here on facebook, and on the website:

Warhammer World is Games Workshop's visitor centre in Nottingham, and you can find out all about our three stores, events, exhibitions and Bugman's bar here:

Important Warhammer World question? You're best contacting us directly:

If you have Games Workshop customer service problems, the folks here can help:

And a quick note on rules and releases questions - we can't give you answers! We're not the Design Studio - they're safely locked away deep under the surface of Mars!

You can find some of the other official Facebook pages here:

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