Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Monthly Vow 12th of July To The 12th of August

I'm thinking of getting some reading done next month.
Still waiting on a delivery from Hasslefree Miniatures to land, still got Yvraine to do and I need to get the army out again to see how I'm doing, but the slow down is kind of related to the closeness of getting the Grand Masque finished.
So to do ; base and colour ring each Masque, and finish off Masque command elements, and then touch up the Death Jesters and Warlocks / ShadowSeer, to make a kill team potentially.

On to the review
When I got my mojo back the first thing I did was to get some paint on the Dark Reaper Exarch that had had a new Shuriken cannon attached, as well working on the Spell Singer by adding a mask over the face. The Dark Reaper Jester was painted for Cegorach’s Finest Troupe and is the Death Jester for that Masque, the Spell Singer Shadow Seer was painted up for The Heroic Dead Troupe, as they are in their stage holo projection, I didn't try to green stuff the grenade pack on it.
Next up was the 3 Freddies for the Great Pretender's Troupe. Next night I did 2 Troupers in Craftworld ish colours and 2 for Commoragh to represent the Motley Crew that have flocked to Yvraine's banner.
The Deceivers got a bath and and a repaint, and this Death Jester got a dry brush of gold to hint that he's part of that Troupe. The old High Warlock was painted in his old colours
And last up was the last Troupe, to replace the Heroic Dead in the Mimes Masque. 

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