Saturday, 28 July 2018

Touch Up

With the heatwave still on going,  I'm not really sleeping during the day when the temperature is in the high 20 / low 30 centigrade, which has given me some extra time to fill not sleeping,  so I've decided to recycle  the box the dreads are in and give them a shiny new(ish) box. Now the metal venerable dreadnoughts needed some tlc after breaking both ankles while bring kept in the box, and I have some better brushes to try the hazards stripes on the 30k Iron Warriors dread.
I cleaned up sets of ankles and firstly reattached the Chaplian dread, next up was the Warden of the Rites, I attached the legs first, then left those to cure before fitting the hull to the legs.
Lastly I re-painted the hazard striping on the 30k Iron Warriors dread.
While these were being done I also did the Hasslefree Miniatures female agent, HFMASTER A199 Resin Master - Kaela Yu. I've not finished that yet, so will post it tomorrow when it's done

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