Sunday, 29 July 2018

Thoughts On The Primaris Astartes Bikers

I don't normally jump in with the debate about what's coming up from GW , but the recent story/ claim of Primaris Astartes Bikers with the Space Wolf codex just didn't work to my mind.
From what I know of the Wolves bikes aren't really that associated with them, like all marines they make use of them but bikes aren't a definitive feature of the Space Wolf chapter.
To my mind I think it makes more sense, if/when the Primaris bikes do come out, to release them with a White Scar update and or campaign. If GW do do this they could actually tie it up with the story of the Khan returning from the Web Way, and give The Imperium a 2nd or 3rd Primarch to tackle the 2 Dæmon Primarchs all ready out there.

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