Sunday, 12 August 2018

Monthly Vow, August 12th to September The 12th

Well a week off, and then need to check when I can get up to Leyland to pick up my copy of Adeptus Titanicus. So next month should be Titans, still not settled on a Legion yet though so some reading is in orde.

Review time.
I started the month off with an update to one of the Shadow Seers, a swop from Heroic Dead to Wylde Ones, and then painted the few replacements that need doing.
I finally got on to Yvraine as well for The Great Pretender's Masque.
This is a very delicate mini with some great details.

I was aware that The Lion's Blades dreadnought box had been a little bit cramped and specifically the old metal Venerable Dreads hadn't coped to well , what with their weak ankles, so the Warden in White and the First Chaplian got repaired, and the Iron Warriors Legion dread got an update to its hazard stripes.

The Hasslefree Miniatures purchase landed and got painted up for the Ordo Astartes strike force.

With a bit of time left I decided to give myself a challenge by trying to paint a Harlequin in the poka dot dapper chap.

The last couple of bits for this month were the razor back weapons , the las Plas turret and the twin las cannon turret, and around those I painted the Tomb Queen up for the Heroic Dead Troupe.

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