Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Ordo Astartes Strike Force

The Ordo Astartes Strike Force , is an elite force of Marines tasked with investigating heresy in Astartes Chapters. I had originally planned this army to go up against my Knights of Blood, but I sold them to fund the Titanicus purchase, it's built with the Vanguard Detachment and not getting a close up are the Inceptors and Hellblaster Squads from The Hounds and The Lion's Blades.
This started out as the Heralds of Girlyman formation in 7th, hence the 4 Chapters of Veterans and all those Imperial Fist Successor Honour Guard who I'm thinking are now Lieutenants and are floating around as a HQ Detachment which I think allows me one of the Dreads I've painted for this army, I need to check that.

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