Friday, 10 August 2018

The Queen of the Damned

Tonight's WIP, The Queen of the Damned, Shadow Seer for the Troupe of the Heroic Dead, and a las Plas razorback turret and twin linked las cannon turret for the razor back in the Hounds.
And now I'm waiting for my big box of Titans.


Greggor Bloodsing said...

Hey did you get her from the Made to Order a few weeks ago?

I got mine the other day, and it looks alot better cast, mostly a whole lot less flash. Honestly one of the best finecast castings I have ever seen. I was kinda hopeful that they were getting their act together for these kind of limited minis. How did it clean up?

Paul Harris said...

I did yes, I was actually on the website looking for a spell singer and saw this. It cleaned up really easy with a little scub in the kitchen sink.