Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Master Of Possession

I again started this one last night before finishing it off tonight. I began by giving the robe a coat of the brown I have and the the fur got the Palidus Mor mix grey base coat, everything got an Agrax earthshade wash. Once that was dry the robes got a couple of things coats of Tau Ocher, this was highlighted with a 50/50 mix of ushabati bone and Tau Ocher before a ushabati bone fine line highlight. The fur got a coat of Eshin Grey then a dry brush of Mechanicus Grey and a few strands got touched up with Fenris grey and a few with screaming skull. All the skulls had a base coat of ushabati bone, and then an agrax earthshade wash, once that was dry it got a light coat of screaming skull, the horns got a second coat of agrax earthshade and a light dry brush with screaming skull. All the flames, which I based on the blue burning lava, got a base of kantor blue, then thin coats of lighter blue up to altdorf guard. They then got a wash with draken what's it blue , once dry I picked our bit s with Fenris grey and Deepkin Flesh. The staff top got a gold paint job as did the leg armour trim, with the foot getting a Mechanicus Grey highlights with a touch of Deepkin Flesh on the high points.
This mini has been a pleasure to do, I kind of wish I had another one to paint.

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