Sunday, 7 July 2019

07/07/19 Weekend WIPs

I think I'm sort of done on my monthly vow this week, I know I said the page class weapons would be painted this month but as I'm ordering another set next week I'll put them all together and paint them all next month (I'll check later, after I've posted this so could be massive wrong), so have what could be considered a free hand until Friday. So this weekend, after finding a regular buyer for Death Guard Conquest stuff I had some bits being unused and a Dreadnought that had suffered a pair of broken ankles on its way to me. I started by putting the dread back on its feet and using one of the hacked up assault cannon arms to mount a pair of what I'm saying are autocannons on it, I've hacked them up and filed them down so they look okay .
I've also gone through 3 different fronts so far and I'm waiting for the Blight Drone sprue before I move ahead with this one, I've also bought a dreadnought ccw arm that's going to be hit hard with the bits box.
As well as adding the Terminator cloak to the back of the power pack.
Once I couldn't get more done I dug out The Hounds Razorback for its spare turret and the las cannons from lots of different places to see how my Mk1 Spartan would look as the Terminus Ultra version.
To finish that off I need to source a couple of ball bearings to use as gimbal mounts for the upper las cannons.

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