Monday, 22 July 2019

Dread Tober, With Visuals

Plans are in place, I got The Hounds box out and pulled the dreads, Reivers and Boltstorm Aggressors out, the Reivers and Aggressors are going to get a repaint next month for the Lion's Blades, the dreads I looked at for Dread Tober's plan.
Core Goal
The Redemptor Calgar, the Contemptor Björn, the Space Wolf dread for the White Scars, the Mk4 for the Dark Angles and the Ironclad for the Salamanders.
Stretch Goal
Forge World dread for the Word Bearers, metal venerable dreadnought for the Emperor’s Children and the grey resin dread for the Ultramarines.
Dream Goal
The metal standard, the plastic standard and the plastic Venerable are going to be painted for The Alpha Legion, Raven Guard, and Night Lords, not pinning myself down on any of these.
Before That Madness
So before we get to October I've got the 3 Death Guard Dreadnoughts to paint I'm not pinning myself to a dates.
And I've ordered several bits to finish off the Warden in White.

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