Sunday, 14 July 2019


I've had a lovely day off, watching the Mens Cricket World Cup Final and British Grand Prix, and sorting out the Scouts. I had a look through what I had already and then assembled the Conquest magazine scouts to round out what was already in the collection.
The pistol and knives squad with missile launchers, both missile launchers are conversions.
10 snipers
I pulled a couple of this bolter squad apart as they had pistols and knives, and one had a shotgun , so that one got placed in the next squad.
So I was left without amy shotgun scouts, so built the Conquest scouts with shotguns, to give me a squad of each weapon type. When the next lot of snipers lands I'll have 50 scouts, which came as a surprise. The reason for the camo is I can use them with any of my marine armies this way.

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