Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Moving Boxes

Taken a few days off from hobby stuff, and still waiting for the Contemptor fist to get here, the first one seems to have been lost in the post on its way from Jersey and still have the 1St Legion Contemptor to do. One thing I did after I'd moved some other stuff around and had an adult sized shoe box spare was to move the chaos dreads out of their small box into the bigger box after the numbers where increased recently, and it allowed me to do a little stock take.
The Fallen Dreads, 2 Space Crusade Dreads, one from Mission Dreadnought, an orginal chaos Chuck, an old metal chaos dread and the current box chaos Helbrute. These may get a repaint to the Black Legion at some point, not sure on that yet.
The 2 Word Bearers Gal Muraz dreads, the orginal chaos Chuck and the updated Forge World version, as part of next year's vow I'll be adding a dark apostle Contemptor to these 2.
My favourite project this year, the Death Guard dread mob, mostly used the dreads from another army that hadn't been touched since I last took photos of them.
And all the Contemptors, the Iron Warriors and Word Bearers from Forge World, via ebay and 2 plastic versions that I'm currently working on. The Typhus Contemptor conversion has given me an idea for part of next year's vow, with the plan to do a Kharn, Arhiman, Lucius, Abandon and a Dark Apostle versions I might add a Warp Smith to make it 6, and that rounds out half the year and then I can find something else to do for the other 6 months/ save the Conquest stuff for next year.

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