Friday, 20 September 2019

Sonic The Dreadnought

When I was on a bit of a dreadnought buying binge the other month I picked up a Forge World resin Dread that said it was the Word Bearers, it arrived it what looked a sonic head and what I think is the dreadnaught version of the Blast master. I was able to get the head and the blast master off without a a problem, and put them aside with the thought of selling them on at a later date, then the thought of building a sonic dreadnought to tack onto the dreadnaught heavy few weeks took hold. I was very lucky to find a suitable dreas on ebay and when I picked it up today I was very pleased to find the builder hadn't glued the weapons on and so was able to pop them off and swop them around to give it the chain fist and Blast Master, I've added the speaker grill to the front as I don't have any more and it fits nicely in the sarcophagus, the head is mounted on the top if the hull , which is atypical of dreadnoughts, but as a sonic dreadnought is very much an after market special of the Emperor’s Children I think it's allowed, seeing as I see it as more of a sensor bundle /place for the other Astartes to focus on when talking to it.
I also gave it a slannesh symbol that I had left over from the Conquest Rhino issue.

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