Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Night 2 On Typhus

Moved on with this, added the chest plate first, was using the camera on the phone to check the work as I'm still waiting for the glasses.
After that bit I filed the bottom of the spore funnels and green stuffed it to the top plate , partly because I've left the plastic glue at home and partly to try and blend it in a bit.
I trimmed the cylinder that connects the shoulder plates together off and spent 10 minutes trying to work out if and where I should add it the Contemptor, and ended up giving it a bum bag. Fanny pack for Americans, although fanny means vagina where I'm from.
Last thing I've done on this tonight are the shoulders, I filed the edges off the edges and green stuffed the shoulder plates on, this was the point I realised I only had super glue with me.
Next up was the Deredo, I'm thinking of giving this a black spray , as well as the 1st Legion Contemptor, and I got the black on the hand on the Librarian as well.

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