Friday, 17 July 2015

Formation Building

Opinions saut!
I have already started doing an Exodite Army and having gone through the 2nd ed Codex, only one with anything Exodite in it, I'm plotting how to shoe horn some Aspect Warriors in there... Yes I know that Exodites don't follow the Paths, but I'm saying these are the traditional roles that existed for eaons, which is why I'm allowing them in my army.
Plan A is;
Dark Shards as counts as Dire Avengers, already have over 30 on the way, either Bob Ollie Wytches or Dark Elf Wytches with the Slaughter Sister mask for Howling Banshees, new plastic Shadow Warriors as counts as Striking Scorpions with the Hand Maiden Bows for Dark Reapers, Shining Spears will be Cold one Knights.
Fire Dragons are problematic, Swooping Hawks again are giving me issues as are Warp Spiders, there isn't really anything I can see in the Fantasy Range that can cross over.

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