Sunday, 12 July 2015

Monthly Vow, Extended Play

Cough, so yeah June's monthly vow got extended as buying stuff on pay day and delivery times leave little lea way to get the stuff painted in time so I shuffled the goal posts 12 days _that way_ and got my monthly vow in line with my pay day.

I got Jussi Nietos and Grandfather Telvig done, I even came up with some background for them both, keep an eye on the blog for the rest of his story.

I got the 2 planned versions of Mother Telvig done, Banshee/ Shadow Specter and Warp Spider, pic is with the Farseer that is the current Father Telvig.

I finally got that Space Crusade Dreadnought magnetised!

As well as reviewing how my Exodite project is progressing

And seeing what I have DA Formations wise, (lots)

And as a time filler I got the Stegadon started, this is going to be the Support Weapon Platform, when I get that kit and another 2 Dinos from somewhere.
Next month I have the 2 Voidweavers, I want to get the plasma cannon and the old metal Chaos Dreadnought painted in Deathwing colours, paint the 3rd attack bike black and touch up some of the shabbier Lion's Blades chaps as well as a Troupe of Harlequins.

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