Monday, 6 July 2015

Mother Telvig, Warp Spider

Looks like I've started Mother Telvig's 2nd war form, this one is made from Drazahon, the Incubii HQ choice from the DE Codex, along with the Warp Spider Exarch Jump Generator, Spinerette Rifles, with 2 pistol arms and the blades from Drazahon on the shoulers, I added some Eldar Missile Launchers, if you have a couple of Tempest Launchers you'd like to send me to make this lady less top heavy, I'd take that as a kindness.

The shoulder blades aren't on these photos as the green stuff was curing. I have also done some more arms, 2 shuriken catapults, one Harlequin sword and one Wrack blade that looks like a sickyl (curly blade useful in agricultural work), to give me options.

And well what else are you going to do with this guy? Counts as Beliel with thunder hammer and storm shield, filed the shield flat and added a green stuffed bracketed sword, the badge of The Lion's Blades.

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