Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Honour Guard And Captain Cato Sicarus

I like this idea, I might even expand the squad at some point to include other Sons Of Dorn. I started off with the idea of showing how Girlyman coming back is unifying the Astartes and what better way than having Girlyman's Herald travel with representatives from the other Legions.

The Honour Guard is made of Chapters that compete in the Feast Of Blades, I've used the Iron Knights as the Chapter Champion the Hammer is planned to be either a Thunder Hammer or Relic Blade, the Shadow Wolves Champion has a Relic Blade.

The Fists Exemplars Champion also has a Relic Blade. And Cato Sicarus comes as he is in the Codex.

I can see me adding some extra Marines to the Honour Guard to take it up to the max squad value, I'm already thinking of getting the Emperor’s Champion for this squad and with a few left overs from the planned squads I might just start that when done with the squads of Stern Guard and Vanguard Veterans.

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