Monday, 3 April 2017

New Oldhammer!

Posted 03/04/2017

All school Chaos All Stars

I don't remember a named Chaos Dwarf team

Was it Darkside Cowboys?

Assassin star player

And of course something to play for.

Blood Bowl Made to Order
Blood Bowl fans will be happy to hear that, due to popular demand, several classic Blood Bowl teams will be available once more as part of our Made to Order offer.

Since the return of the game of fantasy football, these teams have been some of the most requested options for the Made to Order system, which makes older, out-of-production miniatures available again for a short time. From this weekend, you will be able to pick up any of these teams for your game. We’re letting you know now, because they will only be available to order for a single week.

If you’re new to Blood Bowl, find out more about the game on

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