Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Monthly Vow, 12th of April to the 12th of May

Was it me or was that another very long month?
Okay I did start a couple of days early but I was down at Warhammer World on the 11th and needed the free space on my phone.

(Not my Ogre Burger)

A good day was had, and Silver Dart got the additional name of Iron Hide of Deccara

These guys got polished off for Telvig, looking at some Dark Reapers and Warp Spiders at some point for this army, as well as a case as the last one has split on the spine.

Rise Of The Primarch.
The Grey Knight Grand Master Voldus got done first and no I'm not planning on filling out their formation in Rise Of The Primarch. I was going to sell him on but the buyer backed out at the 11th hour, and it sounds like he's also the none seller on Ebay as well.

Porco Rosso got painted at long last as the Naval Liasion Officer for my Astra Militarum army that was the orginal plan A for this year. I've order his plane as well that I'll as a Vendetta in game, if I ever fill out the squadron it'll be flying with 2 Mosquitoes.

The Warhammer Universe Hide and Seek Champion.

New and old version.

These are getting converted up to be counts as Contemptor Mortis pattern dreads, hence the guns being mounted over the arms rather than being underslung.

Poppa Smurfs exceedingly detailed base.

Pose I was after

I did try to make a sword but it just didn't work.

An obsidian dagger, which was the effect I was aiming for.

Not too far off.

And the Trimulative finished.

Mounted some point defence turrets on the Scout Titan.

Squad 1 of the Cypher Formation

And all 30 together in one place.
That was the plan for the month so had a few extras

By making a start on the Victrix Guard Formation, by starting on Captain Cato Sicarus and building a Chapter Champion.
So for next month what do I plan to do?
Well I'm polishing off the Victrix Guard, the Honour Guard is planned to be 3 Chapters that take part in the Feast Of Blades, I'm thinking Iron Knights, Celestial Lions and Shadow Wolves, I've bought a space wolf captain with a Wolf helmet for this.
The rest of the plan is a Vanguard Veterans Squad painted up for the Carmine Blades chapter as they'd been thought to be an Ultramarines Successor but are actually Blood Angels, the Stern Guard Squads will be from the Mentors, Howling Griffins and Genesis Chapter.
Beyond that I'll look to pick some Guard infantry up, and save for a Bane blade so I can use the weapons on the Titan.

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