Thursday, 20 April 2017

Leg Day

For a laugh, can you spot Kharn the Betrayer?

Don't skip it. I'd started out tonight to just get the legs done for the Howling Griffins, but I managed to get the legs done for the Carmine Blades and the 4 extra Honour Guard I'm painting.
All legs got base coated, using Ushabati bone as a base for yellow on the Griffins, an Imperial Fist and a Celestial Lion, I'm also doing a Crimson Fist and a Troll of the Ultramarines, sorry a Hammer Of Dorn. I'm looking at an Emperor's Champion for a Black Templar.

I gave them all a wash as well before packing up for the night.
And now for something completely different, came across this on twitter and ran it through Prisma.

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