Thursday, 20 July 2017

Dark Imperium Batch Two

Finished the Interceptors second squad this morning, as I need to get a move on with this lot what with the next expected set of releases this weekend

And during the evening I put together both B sprues and the A sprue as well so I have another Captain, a squad of Intercessors and a squad of Hellblasters. Planning to base coat all of these tomorrow day as my grown up wrangling skills have manged to allies 2 out 3 old friends on the same night to go and watch Dunkirk.
I also received Star Gate Universe Return To Destiny this week, which picks up a little bit after the show ends, Eli has worked out how to recharge Destiny from its FTL slip stream, but it's not a life saving effort it's a plaster that's bought him more time to fix his pod. Which needs parts that aren't in a section that's accessible from the explored sections of the ship , he has to trek over the hull, while in FTL, which may need looking at, but he finds the pods and some Ancient crew, who clearly have no idea how long they've been out fron Terra, but they patch up the ship and want to have a word with the Terran crew.

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