Friday, 7 July 2017

New From Forge World 7/7/17


An impressively obese Smashrip attends the tryouts for the Warpfire Wanderers, but is laughed out of the line-up. His chances aren’t improved when he eats the team’s assistant coach to prove a point, but news travels fast, and it isn’t long before the Skavenblight Scramblers scout him out and offer him a place on their roster. Eventually, after some unpleasantness including a lifetime ban for eating a referee (which was eventually overturned) he became a free agent, bombarded with offers...

Field the gloriously portly Glart Smashrip as a Star Player in your Skaven or Underworld Denizens Blood Bowl teams by picking up this resin kit. The first thing you’ll notice about Glart is his size – there’s no hiding that this is a Skaven of impressive girth, who barely fits into the ramshackle armour that has been attached to his bulk with creaking straps. He isn’t bothering with head protection as there aren’t any helmets that would fit and, honestly, they just get in the way of eating stuff. Luckily, someone has found a swathe of cloth large enough to hide most of his unmentionables, and he features the usual spiky bits on his shoulders and knee pads.

The resin kit comes as 8 components with a 32mm round Blood Bowl base, and Glart’s rules can be found in Blood Bowl Death Zone Season Two!


Collecting together all the splendid Blood Bowl Star Player releases, this bundle is a quick and easy way to pick up these legends of the pitch.

Morg ‘N’ Thorg, the hulking Ogre Blocker who’s willing to play for any team (as long as they’re not Undead…), is a cheerfully brutish miniature covered in vicious spikes. He comes in 30 resin components.

Varag Ghoul-Chewer, the strangely thoughtful Blitzer who can be added to any Orc army, is an especially mean-looking chap clutching a Squig and covered in chunky armour. He comes in 10 resin components.

The Mighty Zug, legendary Human Star Player, is a hefty chunk of meaty strength, with his brutish demeanour and enormous arms. He comes in 7 resin components.

Griff Oberwald, ruggedly handsome and devastatingly quick Human Star Player, comes in 6 resin components.

Hakflem Skuttlespike, the muscular, multi-limbed Skaven nutter of a Star Player comes in 10 resin components.

Grombrindal and the Black Gobbo, 2 Star Players who can join a host of teams (Dwarf, Halfling, Human or Norse and Chaos Renegade, Goblin, Orc or Underworld Denizen) come as 8 resin components.

Grim Ironjaw, notorious Slayer and archetypically splendid of beard, is a Dwarf Star Player who comes as 5 resin components.

Glart Smashrip, impressive in both tooth and girth, is a Skaven and Underworld Denizens Star Player who comes as 8 resin components.

This bundle includes 9 32mm Blood Bowl bases, and rules for of these Star Players can be found variously as cards in the Blood Bowl boxed game, in Death Zone Season 1 and 2 and as a PDF download.

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