Saturday, 22 July 2017


The Christopher Nolan film.
I went and watched this with a couple of old friends yesterday.
Firstly, if you are planning to watch it, big screen is a must, as is a seriously good sound system.
This film is amazing, at a guess there's been a lot of research done with the soldiers that were on the beaches.
The sense of impending defeat is evident throughout.
The 3 time lines in the film, The Mole, the boats and the air, give you a sense of what all 3 point of view characters go through. The first attacks by Stukas was mind numbing, for years I'd read about the shriek and howl when they dive, this gave an idea of what the noise of this attack was like (hence seeing this film with a good sound system), and the feeling of uselessness against this terror attack is visible on the screen.
The Spitfires are the key to the timing of the film, their story is the end point of the time line. Apart from Tom Hardy 's plane having more ammo than I though was packed into a Spitfire, there's nothing else I can pick at in the whole film.
For once the Dunkirk Evacuation is shown as what it was, a gamble and a defeat, none of the troops feel like they've done anything good, it's the citizens that celebrate their return, not the troops.
I think this film needs to be shown in all schools so everybody can see what went on there.

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