Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Monthly Vow 12th July To The 12th of August

Only half of the first batch of Dark Imperium got done, but I have been working a lot this month.
Plan is only buying some bolt pistols this month from eBay, not sure if that'll hold out though, and save this month's budget for when the new Vanilla Codex lands and some of the toys that'll be coming out alongside of that, as GW have said " if rules are in the codex, it will have a model when the Codex is released". That fat boy dread is number one on the list, beyond that part 2 of the box and maybe a multi part box of those Reivers if they aren't to expensive. To paint for next month is the second batch of Primaris Astartes and finish off the standard.
So last months review;

The first 3 minis painted, the captain, a conversion of the Ancient to make him a Lieutenant and the Lieutenant.
I'm saying these 2 were normal Marine Veterans that have undergone the Primaris process and drafted into the Hounds as officers.

And the first Primaris Astartes Hounds Lieutenant.

The Interceptor Squad with squishy, I'm thinking of adding more to the bases of the next 3 as I've never been a fan of flying bases.

The Intercessor Squad 1.

The Ancient Brother Bethor is going to get an arm swop from the sword to a pistol.

Intercessor Squad 2

The Hellblaster squad

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