Monday, 14 May 2018

Monthly Vow 14th of May To The 12th Of June

Seeing as the vow is pay day to pay day. . .
That whole not buying thing didn't go so well, the Incubi are now up to 10 strong and there's nearly 2 troupes worth of old metal harlequins at home, one that I have ideas for and one that I have no idea about yet and then there's the Talon master from the Forge World land speeder tempest.
There's also the "big build" I'm planning which is the Warp Spider phoenix lord.
Review time.
Started out by stopping my hoarder tendency and using a couple of large magnets and some smaller ones to get the legs on the top of the Raider. I also built the pole cats and added some bunting to give a carnival look.
The buying this month included the other coated Incubi Warrior, but it didn't have the halbard so I had to improvise. I magnetised a sword arm I had spare and added a blade to the other arm as I didn't have a pistol spare.
Then the rest of the Incubi Mimes Troupe came along, as well as the Voidweaver which I tried some free hand on.
Last up was the Shadow Seer for the Mime Troupe.

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