Friday, 4 May 2018

Skyweaver And The First Of The Fallen

Skyweaver You Naughty Monsters, and the First of The Fallen, Mime Troupe, made from very old DE metal Incubi , including the 2 from Vects barge . Drahzar is actually fincast though.
The 3 ladies are the Dark Muses.
In game terms the 2 armed with the agonisers have fusion pistols and like all troupes they'll have 4 kisses so I'll stick 4 of the back pack veins on each one that is armed with a kiss.
I feel rather pleased to have managed to find one of both of the Vect Incubi Body Guards , just a shame that the red coated guy didn't come with his proper blade so I had to improvise.
The Drahzar is actually a fincast version as I've used 2 metal ones to make an Exarch that never got a squad and a, most likely no longer legal, Autarch. I'd love to get a third metal one to have a go at doing a Warp Spider phoenix lord out of it, will make that a project this year for sure.

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