Monday, 7 May 2018

Next Up

Seeing as the Harlequins codex is lost in the Warp this week, I'm looking at my next 2 Troupes to finish off my 5th masque.
The first Troupe is for The Great Pretender and there is a 9th mini coming for this so I can try the marillion drummer boy on it. I've got that one on its way now, for the rest of the Troupe I'm thinking 80's power metal bands and the Shadow Seer will be painted as Anne Lennox how she was dressed for her duet with David Bowie at the Mercury tribute concert.
The last Troupe isn't set with minis or theme yet, one is being bounced from The Pretender's Troupe and the guardian with the bionic leg is getting bounced into the Grey Angel's Troupe so one will be coming from there to replace it any short fall in numbers will be made up in DE Wytches .
And lastly the Shadow Seer for The First of The Fallen.

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