Thursday, 31 May 2018

Firmly Crooked

I truly believe that there are times I shouldn't be allowed my bank card, usually while reading a new codex...
So plans have developed, while reading said book, for my last 3 Troupes;
The Great Pretender is getting an upgrade to Yvraine, better get looking at other Freddie outfits for this Troupe.
The Visarch will be going into the Incubi Mimes Troupe and I might add some red to the Mimes to get them to match.
I'm planning to  move the Heroic Dead Troupe into this masque, I'm not planning on using the Avatar of Ynnead in this. Currently.
To clear things up, the ghostly looking squad are the Heroic Dead Troupe, they may or may not represent those gone before and are in the infinity circuit or those who's souls have been pledged to Yeannd.
And the Silent Guard, loyal guards of the Great Pretender, I'm thinking of adding some red to at least one of the chopping board shoulder guards to match the colours of those loyal to Yvraine.

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