Saturday, 2 June 2018

The Masque Of The Breaking Dawn In 8th

Been rather overwhelmed with work again in May, 271 hours worked on a 160 hour a month contract, with that and the heat wave we've just had I struggled to sleep, focus or find my desire to do anything for the last few days. I decided to concentrate on reading and got the book I bought for my birthday read and then went through the Harlequins codex forwards and backwards.
So plans now that I know the changes that have been made;
Now only every masque gets a Troupe Master,  Shadow Seer and Death Jester, meaning  I have plenty of those now going spare, as well as a single Voidweaver per masque.
So I'm thinking of adding a Vanguard Detachment to the main Detachment with extra Death Jesters and a Shadow Seer, if the rule of 3 comes in to play I'll just use 2 extra DJ 's and add the Solitaire as well to get me to the minimum required units.
I sat down on Thursday night to go over my collection and cost it up.
I can field 5 Masques on the table today at a total of 5008 points. I need to buy a single Voidweaver to give me a 5th and use the land raider as a counts as. The only thing I'm seriously short on is Skyweavers I need 48 to finish this army off. . .

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