Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Grand Masque of The Breaking Dawn 8th Edition

The Grand Masque of The Breaking Dawn, to bring them up to 8th legal I need to build/buy a couple of Troupe masters, one for the Star Players and one for the 2nd Chorus.
I also need to get the Mimes done and the Great Pretender and her Troupe as well.
Plan A is to put all Troupe Masters, Shadow Seers and Death Jesters onto 32mm bases, go over all the bases with astroganite and then bone and the oxide wash, each minor masque will also get a matching ring  on the base to unify each Masque. With the Great Pretender that pretty much is my plan for this month.

Star Players.
One Troupe Master needed for this Masque. Of course I'm thinking green and purple with a white face for this one.

First Chorus
The First Chorus just needs the Master, Shadow Seer and Death Jester moving onto the 32mm bases.

The Mimes
Thinking of giving The Deceivers a bath and making the a bit more gold, there Shadow Seer,  the old High Warlock is definitely getting a bath. The unpainted Troupe will be classic black and white Mimes.

The Second Chorus

The 2nd Chorus needs a Troupe Master, looking for something from the old Wood Elf range to use, if I can find them, the twins that rode the dragon or the eagle guy.

The Great Pretender's Troupe
The Great Pretender's Troupe is sorted just need to crack on with the last Troupe.

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