Thursday, 14 June 2018

Monthly Vow, 12th of June To The 12th of July

Missed the Harlequins off last month, but I did kind of burn out what with over working, and my next 2 weeks of work look fairly hectic from the provisional rotas I've seen, so will keep my expectations low.
I'll be going over my Harlequins again at the weekend to see what I need to get to make each Masque legal. I know I need a couple of minis to make new Troupe Masters and that new Death Character from AoS might be sneaked in as a Shadow Seer just need to check which masque would fit her better.
There are 2 Troupes that need doing, one for the Mime Masque based on the Sisters from Kubo and the 2 Strings and one based on 80's rock bands for The Great Pretender's Masque, as well as Yvraine as the Great Pretender, and the Dark Reaper Exarch with Shuriken cannon for one Troupe.
Review Time.
First up was the Talon Master for my DA Successor Chapter's 2nd Company, this was a nice conversion to do. I broke the assault cannon off the Forge World land speeder tempest, and fitted a couple of heavy bolters into that slot with green stuff. Next up was the assault cannons, these game from the Venerable Dreadnought kits, one happened to be from the Space Wolf kit, these where again green stuffed after I'd spent some time finesseing the cannons to fit in the sides where the missile launchers are mounted.
Next up was the Shadow Seer that was inspired by the dress worn by Annie Lennox at the tribute concert for Freddie Mercury, as well as a couple troupes for the Great Pretender's Troupe.
Then I made a start on the Warp Spider Exarch / Phoenix lord build. I've used the skull from the Venom kit as the face, with a couple of DE Shredders on the lower arms , the Drahzar sword arms are magnetised to the shoulders as are the shredder arms, I once again tried some free hand on the jump generator, inspired by the spider in the last pic for this section.
I bought the Harlequins codex and after reading through it I bought the Eldar Trimulative box with the intention of using Yvraine as The Great Pretender and the Visarch as a Trouper in the Masque as well. I painted the Visarch in the same colours as I'd already done one of the minis in the other Troupe of this masque. I fitted him into the First of The Fallen Troupe, as these are mostly the Incubi with the old Dark Reaper Exarch with the Web of skulls.

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