Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Shadow Seer, General Boom, And The Iron Warrior

Easing myself back into the swing of things after a rough couple of weeks, started off yesterday by fitting a mask to a Spell Singer I'd picked up on ebay with green stuff.
Fast forward to tonight, all 3 minis got a base coat of ushabati bone, the Spell Singer got an oxide wash, a light nuln oil wash then a white dry brush, I picked out the hair and a gem stone with blood for the blood god, to make it really stand out.

General Boom is now part of the 2nd Chorus as their Death Jester.

The last thing I painted tonight was the Iron Warrior , he's been painted up for the Grey Angel's Troupe.
I'll pick up some nail varnish remover on my way home in the morning so I can start giving some of the stuff that's in need of it a bath.

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