Sunday, 26 January 2020

12th Legion Pair

Got the World Eaters pair finished today for the Armies on Parade board this year, bringing the completed tally up to ... 3.
The Space Wolf pair
The mysterious Lord of the First legion and rifleman dread
The 12th Legion Pair again
The 14th Legion Pair of Allurn of Dale and the heavy dreadnought his grand company designed, need to finish that plasma mortis mount and find where I stashed the other weapons...
The Blood Angels pair, need to get some red on that mk4
And the Word Barers pair are wip as well as the mk4 donated its chain fist to the World Eaters so am now working on a replacement fist for it and the mk4 chaplain still needs his grey paint doing. Also got a new phone today, and am very impressed with both the camera and battery life.

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