Friday, 24 January 2020

World Eaters Pair For Armies On Parade

Had an increase to my work load, I've been trying that working smarter malarkey. With the painting tonight I broke the back of the World Eaters pair, the mk4 looks lovely in the Legion colours, the Cataphractii Armour captain looks good as well, both still need a few bits of brass doing but my eyes are going unfocused, even with the glasses.
Usually process for white of ushabati bone, then screaming skull, nuln oil wash, Deepkin Flesh then a light coat of white scar on both, the blue was a Macragge Blue base, altdorf guard then a highlight of Fenris grey. Still need some more brass on the shoulders of both of them .
I also picked up a metal Dante from the post office this morning, it got a bath and cleaned up, the pistol arm was held on with green stuff and it'd been bathed in glue. It got a Mephiston Red base coat, an agrax earthshade wash, then when that was dry a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet, I went lead bleacher on the helmet and wings before using wild rider red as a highlight.

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