Tuesday, 28 January 2020

4th Pair, The Blood Angel Legion

Finally got the red on the mk4 Blood Angel dread, I started off with a base coat of Mephiston Red, when that was dry I added a light coat of evil Sunz Scarlet, then did the highlights with wild rider red.
I also made a start on next year's project for Armies on Parade by getting some red on the Furioso dread, while the Death Company dread got a coat of black.
The Death Company dread got left at this point, as I'm doing plenty of grey things tomorrow, so will highlight that when I'm painting 10 scouts, one mk4 Chaplian and the Word Bearers dreadnought arm grey.
The Furioso dread got the same treatment as the mk4 but also got some gold applied, which had a wash of agrax earthshade. I still need to give the black bits a light dry brush with lead bleacher before I call it done.
Rather happy with how these have come out.

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